Knitting needle sizes explained

Knitting needle sizes explained and Bobbiny Cord

Knitting needle sizes explained

Knitting needle sizes are expressed in
diameter en length.

The thickness or diameter of your needle determines the gauge of your knit. In general, for a thicker yarn, you also use a thicker needle. But this is also a matter of personal preference and depending on your knitting style. If you knit tight, it might be better to use o thicker needle and if you knit lose, you might prefer a smaller needle size. It also depends on the effect you want to create, with a thicker needle you create a more open structure and with a thinner needle a closer (denser) structure.



In general, 3 different systems are used: metric (mm), UK (numbers) and US (numbers and letters).

Knitting needle sizes explained

Knitting needles are also available in different lengths. The ideal length is depending on your knitting project. The longer the needles, the more stitches you can apply on the needles. However, when working on smaller project, long needles are inconvenient. For example, when knitting socks on 4 needles, working on long needles makes the knitting more difficult.

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